05 December 2011

Why Do Sugar Cubes Dissolve Faster in Hot Water? Read more: Why Do Sugar Cubes Dissolve Faster in Hot Water?

        Sugar is an example of a crystalline solid that is soluble in water. It can dissolve faster in hot water than cold water because there is more energy in the hot water molecules. Because they are moving faster, they have more energy to break the bonds holding the sugar together. There is also more energy available to break the hydrogen bonds holding the water together.


        Everything is made of particles and that these particles are always moving. In a solid the particles move the least, however, in a gas the particles move the most.

        In the right conditions, when solid particles meet liquid particles they can mix together to form a special mixture called a solution. This process is called dissolving.

  This process doesn't happen when any solid or liquid meet (your glass doesn't dissolve when you put water in it) only when the right solid meets the right liquid. When they do dissolve, the solid part is called the solute and the liquid it dissolves in is called the solvent.